Advanced Training For Conflict Resolution

Our Mission

"Putting Peaces Together" was conceived as a project, and a vehicle, for providing advanced self-awareness, communications and conflict resolution tools. Our intention is to fill the vital need of support to peacemakers and organizations that interface with populations in crisis; people who are dedicated to finding better ways of creating peaceful solutions.

We believe that:

No one can impose solutions but we can offer high quality and practical tools, which empower those at the center of conflict to find their own common answers.

The most effective beginning point for transforming a peace process is at the grassroots level, where peace workers in the field have shown their dedication to moving beyond, what appear to be, insurmountable differences.

Communications and conflict resolution tools must touch the intellect and the heart to be fully successful.

Each specific conflict area requires an approach that is tailored to their unique circumstances for maximum effectiveness, and can't be addressed by a purely formulaic approach.

Watch Barbara and Richard on Fox 11 News, Los Angeles with a Special Report about their mission to the Middle East.



Jerusalem Seminar
March15-17, 2009
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